Safe Environmental Standards

Rite of Passage is committed to providing a safe environment free from sexual abuse for the students in our care. To this end, Rite of Passage has developed Safe Environmental Standards in accordance with national PREA standards. The Peaks programs have a Zero Tolerance Policy regarding sexual assault, sexual harassment and sexual activity.  All students in our programs have a right to be free from sexual assault or harassment, as well as free from retaliation for reporting incidents of sexual assault or harassment. Our programs provide multiple methods to report sexual abuse, sexual harassment or retaliation. For additional safety for our clients, we accept third-party reports of sexual assault or sexual harassment from a friend or family member of a student. Third-party reporting forms are available at the front desk of our programs or can be downloaded here. Reports may also be made to The Peaks Compliance Manager at 435-239-8455 ext 204.

To report to an agency outside of either of our Peaks locations, contact Utah Child Protective Services at 1-855-323-3237.

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