Willard Peak Residential

Comprehensive Approach to Care

Rite of Passage’s Willard Peak Residential provides a comprehensive residential treatment program that incorporates evidence-based practices, and features on-site public education provided by Box Elder School District, extracurricular opportunities and therapeutic treatment services provided by highly qualified clinicians. Through partnership with the Department of Juvenile Justice Services, we seek to assist young men in addressing their trauma-based, mental health and criminogenic needs in order to reduce their risk to the community.

We have a strong family-based philosophy and encourage family involvement in the change process, recognizing that family support and assistance is key in creating—and maintaining—positive change.

Who We Serve

Willard Peak Residential is licensed to serve up to 10 male youth who have engaged in sexual misconduct or sexually reactive behaviors and are referred by the Department of Juvenile Justice Services.

Creating Positive Outcomes

Willard Peak Residential provides individualized treatment plans to each youth placed in our care in order to target and meet their specific needs. Through evidence-based treatment, experiential learning, public education and family engagement, we help each young man work toward a positive transition back into their home community where they can build a positive and meaningful future.

Program Features

• DJJS contracts for YSF code
• NOJOS Level 6 residential treatment program
• Approved for young men 12 to 15 years old
• Individual, family, group and multifamily group therapy
• Medical and psychiatric oversight
• Psychosocial Rehabilitative Services and skills training
• Recreational activities
• Community service
• Education services provided by Box Elder School District

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