Foster Family Agency

Rite of Passage – Utah operates programs with the mission of improving the lives of youth. We seek excellence in providing a fulfilling work environment for our employees and a safe and supportive placement for our youth.

Rite of Passage – Utah is a privately licensed agency that provides foster family and residential services for at-risk children in Utah. Our organization has over 35 years of experience working with youth and families, and utilizes a youth-centered approach and evidence-based practices to create positive outcomes for youth and families in the state of Utah.

Our foster/proctor family agency focuses on providing safe, supportive and stable homes for youth, and provides families the resources they need to create a positive environment for children that have nowhere else to go. We believe that the success of a foster family and child is rooted in the match and make sure that every child is placed in the right home.

Becoming a Foster Parent

Foster/proctor parents are loving, caring individuals who provide a safe, stable home for children who are temporarily displaced. They work as part of a team to reunify a child with his/her biological parent(s) if possible. Foster/proctor parents provide the support necessary to help a child deal with any issue they may be experiencing.

Foster/Proctor Parent Benefits Include:
• On-call support 24/7
• In-home therapy for child
• Monthly tax-free compensation
• Continuous training and support
• Child qualifies for 100% paid medical, dental, vision and therapeutic expenses as well as a clothing stipend

What is Foster Care?

• Foster/proctor care is a temporary placement for children who cannot remain safely in their biological home
• Children in foster/proctor care are assigned to a state case worker who works as part of a team to resolve the reasons why the children have been removed from the biological home

Who are Foster Children?

• Children in foster care are from all racial and ethnic backgrounds and range in age from infants to teens
• Most children in foster care have been removed from their biological homes because of abuse, neglect or both.
• Foster children are simply children who deserve a safe, loving home

Outpatient Therapeutic Services

• Mental health assessment available
• Individual, group and family therapy services
• Medication management services
• Specialties in general mental health, marital and parent-child relationships, domestic violence, sexual offender and victim issues

Our Foster Family Services

• Rite of Passage – Utah provides foster/proctor homes in Northern Utah for children and adolescents served by both DJJS and DCFS
• Treatment services are provided, and include individual, group, family and NOJOS therapy
• Tracking services
• Respite care
• DHS codes DPB and DIB
• Level 1-4 foster/proctor/NOJOS homes

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